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Thursday, February 11th 2016
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Welcome to OpenFSG,
a wiki for Freecom Network Storage Products
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Mp info.jpg What is the FSG?

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The FSG is a consumer NAS (Network Attached Storage) device produced by Freecom. It is more than just a NAS device, it is also a Router and HTTP, FTP, VPN, Email, and MySQL server to name a few. It is light, unobtrusive and one of the smallest LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) distributions on the market.

Other devices from this family are the DataTank Gateway (DTG) and the Network Drive Pro (ND Pro). The DataTank Gateway has similar features as the FSG but has a more powerful processor and 2 internal harddrives that can be set to RAID 0 or 1. The Network Drive Pro is a hardware upgraded non WLAN non router version of the FSG and has a Gbit LAN network interface.

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Mp info.jpg What is a wiki?

"A Wiki or wiki (pronounced "wicky" or "weekee") is a website (or other hypertext document collection) that allows a user to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows that content to be edited by any other user." -- from Wikipedia.

So why a Wiki for Freecom Products?

As you're going through looking for information, if you see something that's incorrect, you can correct it. If you see any information that's missing, you can add it. This way, the information here should be as up to date as possible, instead of having to wait for a small group to update the information as the products change. The more people who use the Wiki, the more up to date the information will be.

Click on the Log In button in the upper right to create an account, and check out Help:Editing on some help information on how to get started with editing pages. Use the Sandbox to play around with Wiki editing.

If you want to help, look at the wanted pages section and see if you can add something to the site!

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Community Firmware:

Latest Official Firmware:

* see warning about BETA's in DL section!

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Mp books.jpg Getting started
  • Forum
    Any questions you might have can be answered here! (RSS available)
  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions about Freecom NAS Devices.
  • Manuals
    Here you can find manuals in several languages.
  • HowTos
    These are HowTos written for the FSG/DTG and NDP.
  • Applications
    Useful custom applications you can install on the FSG/DTG and NDP.
  • Issues
    List of FSG Issues.
  • General Info
    Basic Information about the FSG/DTG and NDP.
  • Feature Requests
    Here you can request new hardware or software features.
  • Downloads
    Download firmware updates, documents and other specific files.
  • Compatible Printers
    User experience with printers, what does work, and what does not.
  • GUI translations
    Here you can help translate the GUI of the FSG/DTG and NDP into your language.
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