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(This is a translation of this thread, many thanks to: lazyuser)


Some FSG users have problems with WLAN. Lazyuser was one of them. If you have similar problems, maybe you can fix it by this way.

But, be carefull because this will make you LOSE YOUR FREECOM WARRANTY


Researching the causes

No one of this brings the solution...

Our friend, Lazyuser dared to dismantle the FSG itself. In the inside, he founded the Wireless Card of the FSG.

The Marvel Wireless card

Their characteristics are:

  pci 0x11ab "Marvell Technology Group Ltd.." 
  pci 0x1faa "88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b / g wireless
IRQ: 10; 
  modules alias" pci: v000011AB00001FAAsv000011ABsd00001FAAbc02sc00i00

Handcraft Solution

This is the Lazyuser solution:

  1. Pigtail a wireless adapter on eBay auction for about € 8, --
  2. Adapt it as the existing but exactly on the opposite side, so when the FSG at the bottom at the rear, exactly centered in the existing slot used (drilled a 6mm hole).
    1. The inside plastic bridge to the rear of the surface was removed and the gold threaded Jack put into place (otherwise, it is too short).
  3. The Marvell MINI PCI card reinstated, but the existing antenna on the AUX and the new antenna plugged in on MAIN. (The best anttena you have, in the MAIN).
  4. Before the Assembly, on the fourth pole of the upper housing FSG shell of the outer reinforcing bridge will have to be removed, so that the posts between inlet antenna jack and extension board (with the SATA interface it) fits.
    1. Caution: very carefully then re-assemble half of the housing so that the red SATA cable is not damaged, or even one of the solder joints fragile SATA cable tears.
  5. After assembling connect the new D-Link antenna to the new antenna connector (MAIN), and connect the old FSG antenna to the old port.

This is the Sdool solution:

  1. Instead of making a new hole, the RP-SMA connector for the wireless antenna is passed trough the hole for the Kensington Lock.

WLAN problem solved, FSG WLAN functions are now completely stable!

Then start the FSG ... And rejoice ... :-)

Material needed


Attached you will find some pictures of my FSG, hope the links will work...

More Info

you can find more info here


As sdool user experience, this works fine with firmware 3.1.29! He tested it with later firmwares (betas) without much success. The Wifi Client gets properly connected but there is no throughput of data.

With 3.1.29 the connection is like it should be, even with his HP Laptop with the Intel Pro Wireless 3945 ABG wifi card, which is mentioned on this forum as not working with the FSG.

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